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Only From the Mind of a Mogul. "New erotic poetry book inspired by Rap music lyricism. While listening to Rappers Lil' Kim and The Notorious B.I.G. spit lyrics along-side Puff Daddy, Ms. Lynch realized she had been scribbling Rap lyrics of her own during the music video. When she finished, she realized the erotic nature of the Rap song's lyrics - coupled with her feverish desire to write - combined to form the erotic poetry her new book now contains."

                                                                                IUniverse -

Only From the Mind of a Mogul is trending on social media. "I was so enthralled and inspired by the intensity of the music video that it provoked within me, the need to express the once unexplored depths of my sexually overactive mental conception. My Rap book is such an entertaining and enjoyable read that you won't be able to put it down until you have consumed every provocative syllable. My book is relevant in today's society, in that it antagonizes thought and conversation about issues that are ordinarily prohibited even in frankness and candor. It stirs discussion and debate while never ceasing to entertain and arouse. My Rap book relates to practically every current trend in the news. The sexual dynamics explored within, coupled with the audacious manner in which it is presented are what make my book delicious to the mind's palate and nutritious for the growth and development of the human soul. It is unique in that the language is exceptionally and exqusitely explicite for the sole purpose of unmitigated clarity. It's rough and real in its presentation and unrelenting in its delivery. It seeks freedom from the encapsulation of humdrum decorum and thus has attained its goal. My book of Rap lyrics, or, my rhyme book, is a remarkable feat in self-exposition. It is a delightful romp with raw, witty wordplay of an enticingly sexual nature. My book is fun, entertaining and it can be sexually arousing. Its shock value is to be noted for it is abundantly and cleverly displayed throughout. I hope to shock, delight and entertain my readers with this rhyme book which is salacious, forthright and at times irreverent."

                                                                               Nadine Judith Lynch - New York                                                                                




From the Mind of the Supermassive Black Hole. "It is wonderful to read poetry written in this classic style. I find this poet's work to be refreshing and important to the genre. The front cover is a titillating work of art on its own. After you absorb Ms. Lynch's creation it will become a part of your consciousness."

                                                                           Melisa Reid - Seattle, Washington

"The poem titled Precipitous Precipitation is my favorite poem in this book. For me it sums up the art of imagery, word manipulation and profound introspection. This work reconfigures the essence of our very being."

                                                                              Anita Judd - Brooklyn, New York 

Nadine Judith Lynch is a poet, musician and inventor who resides in New York. Born and raised in Jamaica, she emigrated to the United States at age twelve and shortly thereafter began writing poetry, short stories and articles for various publications. This is Ms. Lynch's second book, her first book is titled: From the Mind of the Supermassive Black Hole. Presently, she is concluding her third book - genre fiction - and tweaking her audiobook for worldwide marketing and distribution. She may be contacted by email at: Thank you for visiting The Lynch Please email us

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